Feet & Bikes

“Active Travel”

Active travel means transport which involves physical activity such as walking and cycling to get from one destination to another.  This could include travel to and from the places we live, work, learn, visit, and play.

Encouraging more people to choose active modes of travel over cars, buses or trains can help to improve health, reduce traffic congestion on the roads, ease pressure on public transport systems and improve air quality.

The Combined Authority is taking action to get more people in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough walking and cycling including rolling out electric bikes and scooters and creating more walkways and cycle paths.



A great way to get around Cambridge is by e-scooter and a trial of the technology started in late 2020. Scooters can get you from place to place rapidly – there are geo-fenced slow speed zones for safety’s sake and outside of these zones, top speed is 15mph. The scooters will not function if they are driven past the zone’s invisible boundary.

Find out more about the Cambridge e-scooter trial.


Cycling maps

The Combined Authority is involved with a number of new active travel routes – new cycling and walkway routes that help get people out of cars and travelling more healthily. A good example is the Chisholm Trail, running SW-NE across Cambridge, greatly aided by a new pedestrian bridge over the main railway line. Detailed maps of where to go by bike can be downloaded here:


Cycling safety remains with Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council