E-bikes & e-scooters

The Future of Cambridgeshire Travel

The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority, in partnership with Voi, is providing e-bikes and e-scooters to the public, offering the potential for fast, clean and inexpensive travel that can help to ease congestion on the roads and transport networks, reduce pollution and allow for social distancing.

This new scheme is part of the £2.9m that the Combined Authority has announced to improve cycle and pedestrian facilities across the region to get more people walking and cycling.  These measures all form part of a broader vision from the Combined Authority for healthy and sustainable travel post Covid.


The Scheme will…

  • Cost Effective

Offers rides at £1 to unlock + £0.20 per minute

  • Help Everyone

Offer Voi subscriptions for £10 a day/£40 a month alongside subsided Voi-4-All Passes for low income groups at £10 per month

  • Support Key Workers

Support key workers with free rides and support local businesses to enable them to offer, or extend, delivery services

  • Encourage Learning

Launch #RidewithVoila, an online traffic school, for local riders, with incentives to encourage riders to take a course before they ride

  • Create Jobs

Create over 50 Full Time Equivalent jobs in the region

  • Link with Trains

Integrate fully with East Coast rail operator LNER and lomob as the network provider’s preferred partner

  • Support Safe Travel

Provide safety pop-ups and helmets at launch events to support rider safety

  • Link with Cycle Groups

Integrate with the Cambridgeshire Cycling Campaign

E-vehicle zones and info

How can e-scooters help to solve the transport problems in towns and cities?

E-scooters and E bikes are just the start of a revolution in how we move around cities.

They allow for personal point-to-point travel, which means that a rider is not tied to a timetable or a route. During the pandemic, they also provide a method of travel that allows for social distancing.

They are particularly useful for connecting the last or first mile of travel, when there can be a temptation to use a car or taxi and for journeys of 1 to 3 miles, which make up 60% of all road trips in the U.K. Our aim is that e-scooter and e-bike use should be affordable, particularly for those who need to go farther than they can walk and don’t have access to a car.

Read our e-scooter FAQs

Read our e-bikes FAQs