Community Transport

What is community transport?

Community transport provides journeys for people who have difficulty using ordinary public transport.

Most community transport schemes are for people who:

  • do not have access to public transport or their own car
  • find using public transport difficult (for example, because of a disability or age)
  • are socially or rurally isolated from accessing basic public services and facilities (such as healthcare)

Types of community transport schemes

These are some of the community transport schemes operating in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough:

  • Rural Hoppa services: operate in Ramsey and Huntingdon and also connect the area north of Royston
  • Cambridgeshire Minibus Brokerage Scheme (CaMBS): vehicle-sharing scheme that enables community groups, clubs and not-for-profit organisations to use accessible and affordable minibuses.
  • Dial-a-Ride: provides ‘door-to-door’ transport to Dial-a-Ride members
    • ESACT
    • HACT
    • CallConnect
    • Peterborough Rural Dialaride
    • Peterborough Community Link
  • Shopmobility: lends manual wheelchairs and powered scooters to people with limited mobility to shop or visit leisure facilities within the town, city or shopping centre
  • Hiring community transport vehicles: ideal for local community-based groups or families who have a wheelchair-bound member in their party
  • Voluntary car schemes: offers organised lifts to those needing to make essential journeys where no suitable public transport services exist.
  • Taxicard schemes: provide assistance towards the cost of taxi journeys for people who have difficulties getting to or using public transport in particularly under-served areas.

What is available near me?

Taxicard Schemes

There are currently two different taxicard schemes operating : one for Cambridge City and one for parishes in South Cambs. To know which one you are eligible for please check who you pay your council tax to.

Cambridge City Taxicard scheme

South Cambridgeshire Taxicard scheme

Peterborough Community Transport

For residents living in Peterborough there are a few community transport schemes on offer Peterborough community transport schemes

Would you like to set up a community transport scheme?

If there is no suitable scheme in your area, perhaps you need to talk with us about extending an existing scheme or setting up a new one; you can get in touch at or 07874 861259

If you are interested in setting up a new Community Transport or community car scheme, check our setting up a taxicard scheme guide or get in touch as above.


Further information

For information and advice on all the above services, please contact the Community Transport Officer by email at